Menu 45 euros

– Hors d’œuvre

– White tuna with avocado and green pepper sauce, Zebra tomatoes and kohlrabi

– Iberian pork; mini leeks and black garlic, corn sauce

– Cascade of blueberries, red wine and shiso, lime cheesecake and white chocolate mousse


Menu 100 euros

– Hors d’œuvre

– Red tuna, tomatoes, burrata sauce and fig oil

– King crab, burnt eggplant and currants, elderberries and kombu sauce

– Prime rib from Spain matures for 40 days, red papirica, blackgarlic, plum condiments

– Sourdough bread ice cream, charred bread, fresh hazelnuts and Tonka beans

– Green apple, kiwi and parsley sorbet, grilled avocado, green pea crumble

Wine selection

Pilgrim showcases an eclectic selection of French wines. Our wine offer usually starts at 9€ for the wine by the glass and 35€ for the wine by the bottle. Wine pearing for lunch from 28 euros ( 2 glasses) and 70 euros for dinner (4 glasses)