Terumitsu Saito & Marie Blanche Robillart & PILGRIM's team

Terumitsu Saito

Chef Terumitsu Saito was born in Okayama,Japan, in 1976. Developing an early interest in cooking, he started his chef training in 1994 before moving to France to explore its culinary landscape in 2007. There, he had the chance to train at prestigious restaurants such as Le Grand Véfour, Le Mandarin Oriental Paris and Blue Valentine.
You are kindly invited to discover at Pilgrim his interpretation of french cooking – simple yet efficient -, sublimed by his japanese touch.

Marie Blanche Robillart

Although she always have had a passion for pastry, Marie Blanche Robillard didn t go straight to culinary school. After graduating from high school with a degree in Literature and a bachelor from La Sorbonne in Arts, she moved to Czec Republic. There, she decided to take the leap. She was lucky and talented enough to stage under Maxime Frederic and Christophe Felder before working under Mathieu Pacaud at the renowned Hexagone. There, she was soon trusted with the dessert lunch menu. Now, she creates seasonal, out of the box and beautiful desserts for you at Pilgrim.

PILGRIM’s team